fotografia medicina dentária

Photography is an essential tool in dentistry.

Its importance is becoming increasingly important in our field, not only in legal terms by documenting clinical cases, but also by providing unquestionable help in the study and planning of these cases. Its use in the different phases of treatment and in remote control and communication with other colleagues and the laboratory has allowed us to achieve greater success in our work and patient satisfaction.

 The aim of the workshop is to provide trainees with a greater knowledge of general photography, so that they can control their camera easily and practically in their day-to-day clinical practice.

All the equipment and accessories needed to take quality, artistic clinical and laboratory photographs will be presented, as well as the entire protocol for photographic settings and setups, so that they can be implemented immediately in clinical practice.

At the end of the WS you will have the opportunity to do artistic photography in a photographic studio with a model and make-up artist.


- Introduction to photography in MD; 

- Types of photographic equipment: How do you choose the right one?

- Cameras;

- Lenses;

- Lighting: Bilateral Flash, Circular Flash, Studio Flash, Continuous Light;

- Photographic accessories:

- Mirrors, retractors, contrast backgrounds, brackets, diffusers and reflectors;

- Principles of Photography: the physics behind control Manual;

- Practical Photography Session;

- MD Photographic Settings;

- All the parameters to get the perfect shot;

- Intraoral photographic set-ups in MD;

- All the tips and tricks to never lose a case;

- Standardization and setups for each specialty;

- Practical Session on Intraoral Clinical Photography;

- Practical Session: Polarized Photography;

- Observation and discussion of proposed exercises;

- File Organization and Classification;

- Save time researching your cases and organizing presentations;

– Darkroom Digital em MD;

- Use of image editing software;

- Live demonstration with clinical cases;

- Practical Session: Mobile Dental Photography;

- Practical Session: Video in MD;

- Communication with the Laboratory;

- Tips for taking photographs to better convey all the information: Hue, Chroma, Value, Translucency, Opalescence, Texture;

- Practical Session Product Photography/Laboratory;

- Extra-oral photographic set-ups in MD: Tips for perfect portraits;

- DSD Protocole;

- How to get all the photos and videos you need for a smile analysis;

- Aesthetic and Artistic Photography Practical Session in Studio with Model and Makeup Artist;

Material needed for the course to be brought by the student: 

Camera, lens, flash, tripod and any other accessories you may have.

(If you don't have one, you can use the trainer's cameras and during group work the cameras can be shared).


Minimum number of trainees for the course: 6

  • Registration closes 15 days before the course date.
    If the minimum number of participants is not met, the date of the course may be changed.
  • Includes the presence of a Professional Model and Make Up Artist 
  • Includes support material Hand-outs in pdf format, presentation sheet. Online support after WS.
  • Although it's not compulsory, you should bring your own equipment and accessories so that you can understand how to get the most out of it in clinical practice.
  • A Diploma of Achievement will be awarded at the end of the Workshop with the number of hours of training.

  • to be defined
  • 16 hours 
  • 9h00 – 13h00 | 14h00 – 19h00
    (coffee-breaks included at OrisEducare facilities)
  • Coimbra
  •  Oral Health students; Dentists; Oral Hygienists; Dental Assistants; Prosthodontists; Clinical Photographers and Clinical Marketing Managers.
  • 450€ (o valor é isento de IVA e inclui a taxa de inscrição)
  • 926 964 301 (call to national mobile network)

Training Team